Congratulations to all the 2017 MGM Macau Eco TrailHikers 恭喜各位2017美高梅澳門環保遠足者!

10k Map and 30K Map routes updated as of October 19, 2017


10km Family/Fun Course Route

10k updated 19102017

Please click on the map image to download the 10 km Family/Fun Course Route as of October 19, 2017 version of the course map.



Kindly Note the following requests:

1) All 4 Team Members need to be present at each Check Point for the Captains Card to be chopped.

2) No changing of Team Members allowed during the event (Please note G4S!!) You must start, complete and finish with the event with the same 4 Team Members.

3) At each of the Check Points (CP) you will need to obtain a chop on your Captains Card. For the 10K Event your Team will need to collect 5 Chops ( One at the Start, one at CP1, one at CP2 and again one more at CP1 and one at the finish Total 5 CP Chops)All Check Points will provide Water and Bananas

4) Each Check Point will have a First Aid Kit and First Aid Support

5) There will be a “Sweeper Team” following behind the last 10K Team and the last 30K Team and once the last team passes through that Check Point, the Sweeper Team will instruct the CP to close. Estimated times for the closure of the Check Points based on all teams finish by 5pm will be posted on our website at www.macau-trailhiker in a future Blog posting

6) ANY TEAM THROWING LITTER ON THE COURSE WILL BE DISQUALIFIED, FINED AND PUBLICLY HUMILIATED ON STAGE BACK AT THE FINISH LINE… YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! Seriously, please do not discard litter on the trails.....My Team and I have to go and clear it the next morning!


30km Corporate Challenge Route

30k updated 19102017

Please click on the map image to download a new updated (as of October 19) 30 km Corporate Challenge Route 2017 version of the course map.


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