Congratulations to all the 2017 MGM Macau Eco TrailHikers 恭喜各位2017美高梅澳門環保遠足者!

Wellness Boulevard is Back 健康大道回來啦


3. Herbalife
Herbalife prepares revitalized drink before and after the run, go and try!

4. 天賞良藥提供八折優惠給澳門遠足者,請勿錯過!
Macy Pharm provides 20% off for their products – just for Macau Trailhikers

5. Wellpie 健康派
Wellpie 健康派的攤位有好多東西玩,鬼馬裝扮大賽可以贏到Salomon MOP 2,000的現金劵同埋玩抽獎
完成問卷即可以獲得大量獎品,快點過去睇下啦! 總之人人有獎,永不落空!
There are a lot of offerings in Wellpie –Join Fun Costume Run can win MOP 2,000 Salomon Coupon and Lucky Draw!
Conducting a survey on-site will receive a lot of prizes, Go and take a look!

6. Salomon
怎能錯過Salomon的大抽獎? 多樣的獎品等緊你!
Don’t miss out the Salomon’s fun Lucky Draw!


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請讚好Instagram: Trailhikermacau 和 Facebook: Macau Trailhiker

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