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The Macau Eco TrailHiker would not be possible without the help and support of you, the crew / volunteers.

We thank you for your interest and ask that in the first instance you fill in the application form which will help us determine where you will fit in with the varied positions required around the event and of course enable us to keep in touch with you.

All Crew members will be entitled to receive 60 minutes + of pre-event briefing / training, a Crew T-Shirt & Crew Certificate, event day meal, and the opportunity to further develop their communication, leadership, problem solving and teamwork skills during this iconic community event.

Each year over MOP400,000 is donated to local charities from this event and again this could not happen without your support!!!!

If you choose to be a volunteer please fill in the form with as many details as possible. Thank you!






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Do you have any medical conditions or disabilities that you need to make us aware of? 請問有否身體或生理狀況需要我們特別注意的﹖:*
If so, please specify 如有,請說明:
Do you have any voluntary experience? 有擔任義工的經驗嗎﹖:*
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Have you already participated on the Macau Eco TrailHiker in the past? 曾否參加澳門環保遠足者活動﹖:*
Do you have any First Aid Training? 曾否接受急救培訓﹖:*
If so, what levels and where from:
Have you received leadership training? 曾否接受領袖訓練﹖:*
Have you had any other training that can be helpful to this event? 曾否接受其他有助於本活動的培訓﹖:*
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