Congratulations to all the 2017 MGM Macau Eco TrailHikers 恭喜各位2017美高梅澳門環保遠足者!

About Macau Eco TrailHiker

The Macau Eco TrailHiker is now into its 8th year and the event was born out of a strong desire to organize a sports event that involved team (four people in a team) entries instead of individual entries.  The Macau Eco Trail Hiker consists of two events:
The 30km Corporate Challenge starting at 08:00 and the 10km Family & Fun Event starting at 10:00 each year.
The DNA of Macau Eco TrailHiker is about Teams entering into the spirit of:

  1. Training together before the event
  2. Starting together, staying together and finishing together at the event


Also important to the two founders was the need for the event to promote the following:

  1. The greenerside of Macau
  2. Teamwork
  3. Environmental awareness
  4. Giving back to the community
  5. Creating win-win partnerships with Macau Corporate Organizations to make Macau Eco TrailHiker financially sustainable
  6. Leadership development through the opportunity to serve as a volunteer (Macau Eco TrailHiker recruits at least 200 volunteers each year to ensure a safe and successful event)

Thank you for your kind support in our Event!

The Macau Eco TrailHiker Team




  1. 賽前一起練習
  2. 並肩作戰,共同完成比賽


  1. 澳門綠色一面
  2. 團隊合作精神
  3. 環保意識
  4. 回饋社會理念
  5. 與本地企業機構建立雙贏合作關係,使活動在財政上持續可行
  6. 讓義工有發揮領導才能的機會(澳門環保遠足者每年招募最少200名義工,合力確保活動安全及順利進行)




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